#Back of the stack 002 – Ant TC1

Following on with our brand new series ‘#Back of the stack’, we’ll be catching up with artists in the scene every 2 weeks reminiscing on some of their favourite tracks from back in the day. No real rules, just sharing some musical knowledge and reflecting on the past.

This week we’ve caught up with Ant TC1, owner of Dispatch Recordings and label manager for Metalheadz. Ant’s career spans right back to the early 90’s so we knew this was going to be an interesting read delving into his musical past. Here’s what Ant had to say…

Windy Milla (Nookie) – Ruff & Massive

This is just an absolute beast of a tune from a guy who (for me) is a bit of an unsung hero of our music.  This is something he did back in 1992, I was 14 at the time and a year+ deep into my love for this music, this is one of those tracks that cemented that love fully.  It’s one that just hit me in a way music had rarely done up to that point and stuck out as special to me, it definitely set me off on a mission to seek out more of this kind of stuff, this kind of rave / very early jungle sound that was taking shape.  Big up Gavin!

Neuromancer – Pennywise

I’m echoing my comments on the track from Nookie with this one too as I’m pretty sure I heard both of these on the same tape pack, I’m not sure who Neuromancer ever was and I’m not sure of much else he ever did but right here – he made what was an anthem back in the day, the arrangement is near perfection (even now).  It’s a track that just makes the hairs stand on end and reminds me of some real great times as a kid, this might arguably be my favourite record ever made (but that is of course a tough call).

Apaloosa – Unplugged

At the time of hearing LTJ Bukem first play this I’d never heard anything quite like it, this tune (for me) incorporated a lot of techno inspired elements, way back before many even started mentioning techno’s influence on D&B via Optical and Matrix’s massively shaping (and brilliant) influence on this music from around 97 / 98 onwards. This one dropped back in 1994, it blew my teeth out! it’s a record I still have, it’s been treasured for 22+ years now and it’s one that (along with the other 2 I’ve mentioned, and many others) I’ll never ever part ways with!