Assets 001: Music Support Charity Event

Assets 001, is a drum & bass night fundraising for musician’s mental health charity, Music Support on Friday 3rd May. Run by Lizzie of Lucrative Recordings with some help from friends and colleagues. We caught up with Lizzie to find out more about this exciting event and fund raising effort with a distinctly D&B flavour!

How did you come up with the idea for the event ?

It’s no secret nowadays that musicians and people who work in the music industry often suffer from and/or are exposed to mental health and addiction issues. As someone who has both experienced problems with my own mental health, as well as witnessed it in various people close to me over the years, for me it is really a personal affair, but it is an industry wide issue.  Awareness of this is gradually growing, research from Music Minds Matter, for example, highlights the mental health issues people in the music industry with some really quite shocking statistics.

I first thought of the event after Keith Flint’s untimely passing earlier this year. It was yet another notable artist to have died suffering with mental health issues and, it was even closer to home with Keith & The Prodigy being a major influence and idols of mine as a teenager. They helped me to get into electronic dance music as they were figure heads in the rave scene for over two decades.

This event is a good reason to get discussion going about these still heavily stigmatised conditions and illnesses, and to further raise awareness… I think most, if not all of us, have all had moments where we have had or can at least empathise with those who have had extreme feelings of depression, anxiety or addiction, or falling out of control. As a society we need to recognise how deeply people can be affected by these conditions and that it genuinely is a threat to some peoples’ lives. As well as this, it’s important to let people know there are people who care and that help is out there for them to connect with.

What attracted you to AAJA as a venue?

The venue is intimate, cosy with a really authentic house party atmosphere. The team are good people who definitely support the cause, and have mutual friends with colleagues of mine, so it was easy to connect with them. The area is becoming quite a “go to” spot for a night out with good food and entertainment all immediately accessible nearby

That’s quite a list of talent you have playing, DJs and MCs, what should people expect on the night?

I am lucky to have met many of the artists playing along the way either at university or directly through the drum & bass scene. We all have the same attitude towards raising awareness about the aforementioned issues as an affinity based on the love of rave culture; specifically drum and bass. The line up is a collection of people who come at it from different angles, but somehow meet in the middle and we can all relate to each other. All the artists on the Assets event line up are hugely talented with years of experience behind them, expect exciting performances, great 170 beats, and a collection of good vibes people all raving for the right reasons!

Check out the promo mix below from our main headliner as a pre party tease.

What can we do to help the cause further?

Reposting this article will help as the links to donate are listed below, you can like, share and invite friends to the FB event, repost the promo mix, as well as obviously just talking about the problem and getting things out in the open. If you want to discuss anything with like minded people make sure you RSVP here and drop us a message.

You can also grab some very limited early-bird advance tickets from Skiddle here.

Don’t forget it’s Friday 3rd May, 5-11pm at AAJA Deptford, Arch 2, Deptford Market Yard, Deptford, SE84BX. See you on floor!

Also, check out the cause further on the Music Support’s website, and/or donate directly to them.

What is the future for Assets and Lucrative Recordings?

This is just the first of many events and functions that will coincide with the promotion of releases from the label Lucrative Recordings, as we gear up to expand things further in the future. Anyone reading this who wants to know more, make a booking or send demos, please feel free to get in touch at:

Big Thanks and shouts the to all the DJs and MCs at the event, the team at AAJA, the In-Reach Crew, Jenny @ Drum+Basics, and to all supporting the cause!!!