Taelimb – Granite EP [CKRA006]

Taelimb’s recent output has allowed his signature, punchy sound to shine through along with his concise production. A release on one of the most exciting labels to have recently emerged, with 4 tracks that express different shades of darkness. 

Cold Outing is an enticing, dynamic half-time tune featuring label bosses, Mystic State. A hypnotic pad, sharp tribal textures with a fat, distorted, gritty reese make up this head-nodder.  Titan has the feel of a metal track, but in the context of drum and bass, with an overwhelming sense of dread that would make Super Hans proud. A tense heavy hitter, showing off the versatility of Taelimb and his ability to draw on different flavours without losing any energy.  Roughly cut, funked out grooves make up Grot Bag. A palette sounds which could have been sampled from a kitchen, with pots and pans percussion and the occasional running tap. Granite has a strictly regimented and militant feel.  Squeaky clean but fat drums with petrifying bass sounds sculpted around them. You can only imagine yourself decomposing amongst the graveyard in the back of the club after this one drops at 6am before the lights turn on.