Kurupt FM Present the Lost Tape

Yea yea, we’ya deya! The Brentford mandem have been sifting through the dirt in Steves Nan’s old flatĀ  (108.9 on your DIAL!) to try and find nuffin less than solid gold, Steves found bare zoot ends too so it weren’t a long ting you get me.

Anyway, they fucking found it didn’t they. The Lost Tape… recorded live time ago bruv, a once in a life time set that happens every week….. but believe, this particular recorded set is definitely more “once in a life time” than any of the others.

Not only are the full Kurupt gang on fire throughout, they also have a heap of VIP and dubplate exclusives pon deck, with freshness from the likes of Scott Garcia, Sunship, Newham Generals, Rodigan, Spooky and plenty more. It’s a 22 track monster mixtape.

Anyway, I was gna link the ting here, but seeing as I ain’t getting no money from any of this, you’ll have to go look for it yourself. Check Google, Spotify, iTunes, Apple music and all those big companies that make nuff paper. Safe.

Here’s their latest Single ‘Suttin like that’ below, it’s fucking dutty!