Random Movement & Jaybee – Hit the Ground Running EP

As the year draws to a close, Random Movement & Jaybee are back on the trusted Flight Pattern imprint with their “Hit The Ground Running” EP. Coming off the back of a strong summer of soul music for the label, with releases from the likes of Phase One, Mcamargo & Mayforms & arguably one of the summer’s finest cuts “Still Aint Changed,” the bar has been set. Boss himself, Random Movement and his old partner in crime Jaybee really have delivered yet another joyous 4 tracker…

With the title track proving to be everything it promises Hit The Ground Running rolls out in classic Random Movement fashion. It has a devastatingly funky bassline, silky vocal harmonies and the beat almost transitions into a full amen attack. Without doubt a 3am Marky tune that’ll have every man, woman & child in the dance calling for the wheel.

The duo then takes us on a thumping percussive journey with “Twice The Power.” Leading you on with the most soulful of pads & echoed granular textures to then again crash & roll out like a bat fresh out of hell. Watch the drums on this one – it’s probably the In-Reach favourite!

The boys see out the EP with two sublime tunes. Firstly “Starving For Gold”, which can only be described as one of the cheekiest drum & bass cuts we’ll hear this year. A straight drum intro that takes no prisoners in then bouncing out with an ever so simple yet effective low end groove. This one constantly twists and turns keeping you on your toes, I dare you to try & sit still through this one.

Lastly “Well Thats Fun” brings the EP home in yet more fine style. The intro see’s us diving straight into those signature RM pads & sub aquatic tones, swimming over an uncompromisingly clean set of drums & then, almost as if the tune were holding its’ breath, the bassline hums out, accompanied by a smooth Calibre style piano & a gritty mid frequency reece. A gorgeous little number that again transitions & progresses into a straight eyes down roll out for those that like it dark!

Pure unadulterated liquid funk from Random Movement & Jaybee & another wicked release to top off a fantastic year for RM. Also yet another solid addition to the Flight Pattern back cat! Well in lads.

Don’t sleep, cop the release here!

Words: Dom Ward