Groves- Tengmo Rah EP (EXIT076)

Exit continue their adventure into experimentation with yet another fresh face to bring to the camp. Off the back of Fixate’s mini LP and Dolenz’s EP, Groves brings Exit into 2018 with a 4 track EP that shows off his wide range of musical influences. A new signing hailing from Toronto that demonstrates Exit’s lack of care for sticking to certain tempos and sounds. 

The EP kicks off with the title track ‘Tengmo Rah’, a wobbly half time head nodder. Simple and progressive, layered beats stomping along with classic dub vocal samples flying around shows off the minimalistic and clean nature of Groves’ well trained production skills. 

Eerie vibes with the stepper that is ‘Muuf’. A spaced out tune with grotty bass stabs and deep, murky, wobbling subs. Patience and progression with a pair of tough, alternating snares and mysterious pads floating around have me fully enticed. There’s something really satisfying about listening to this one and I can’t pin down why. 

Ginza keeps the EP rolling with a range of sonic textures that bridges the gap between dubstep and halftime sounds and displays how diverse electronic music is becoming today. The second drop switches up the groove, keeping the ears more than entertained and provides more face scrunching sounds. 

Last but not least with some slippery footwork business is ‘Isopod’. Detailed breaks with some seriously aggressive basslines and vocal snippets all sitting above a fat sub ends the EP with arguably the most violent and rowdy track of them all. 

Although this is the first time Groves has appeared on people’s radar’s, he’s proved to be someone to keep an eye on because of the clean production on this release, along with the balance of classic and futuristic sounds in his arsenal. 

Buy now directly from Exit Records Bandcamp