#Back Of The Stack 009 – SCAR

‘#Back of the stack’, catching up with artists in the scene every 2 weeks reminiscing on some of their favourite tracks from back in the day. No real rules, just sharing some musical knowledge and reflecting on the past….

As you know, we at IR love it when we can get artists that inspire us to take time out their schedules to work with us on a feature. Well this week we have the mighty Scar of Dispatch and Metalheadz fame. If you didn’t know Scar consist of Survival and Script, two artists who have been involved in this scene for a very long time. Ever since they joined forces under the Scar project they have been relentless with their releases, each one as good as its last. This lead to remixing The Rufige Kru – Dark Rider, a stone cold classic which they brought bang up to date to create a dancefloor slayer and then Orkyd Project LP both on the mighty Metalheadz.

Fast forward to this week, and luckily to coincide with their “Back of the Stack” they have a brand new EP out on the consistently brilliant Dispatch Recordings. The 4 track “Veiled Threats EP” is a master class in moody and rolling drum and bass. For me “Rude Boy” is the one! Gritty, rolling and riff that nods back to the Rave Era” I would recommend this EP to anyone who loves the signature Scar sound or anyone who loves their DJ tools! Anyway let’s hear what they had say….

Zero B – Lock Up

One of the absolute classics from the hardcore era of our music. This tune summed up the vibes at places like Astoria on a weekend or Rage on a Thursday night at Heaven in Charing Cross. Really catchy riff and bassline and when that breakdown comes in it still gives goosebumps and makes your hair stand on end. What a tune!

DJ Vibes – Obsession (Music So Wonderful)

This track pretty much sums up the very short period of time where Hardcore evolved to Jungle and became what is commonlyknown as ‘Jungle Techno’ Fusing the happy vocal elements of Hardcore, with Anastasia stabs, a 4×4 beat with amens and a dirty great big sub. DJ vibes normally didnt make tunes like this. This was somewhat of a darker turn for him which suited us down to the ground. Most definately an anthem that used to tear any rave to shreads.

Nuyorican Soul – Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)

This is probably up there with one of our favourite tunes of all time,  regardless of genre. This hits every spot for us…the pianos, the horns, the guitar, & then the rhodes & strings the drums when it drops into Drum and Bass. WOW. Such amazing drum programming. Intricacy at its best on all fronts from 4 Hero and absolutely on point. This tune will never ever get old. Its a masterpiece.



Words: Strobe