#Back Of The Stack 010 – Total Science

‘#Back of the stack’ is celebrating it’s 10th edition. It’s been an extremely fascinating series for us uncovering music we didn’t even know about. And that’s what this series is all about – sharing musical knowledge and reflecting on the past. Don’t worry though, we’re not stopping anytime soon, there’s plenty more to come 😉 

Total Science; a household name in the world of Drum & Bass, a duo who have firmly cemented their place in the genre’s hall of fame with more than 20 years of music that is not only staggering in quantity, but is also of almost unbelievably consistent quality. To be honest I don’t think there’s much more I need to say about these guys, their music speaks loudly enough for itself. We’ve been lucky enough to have Paul aka Spinback and one half of Total Science here to pick his brain about history, influences, new music and much more. We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with Smithy & Quiff to select 3 tracks for our back of the stack series…

Badmarsh & Shri – Signs (Calibre Remix)

Dom absolutely murdered this remix. Still gets rewound regularly! Smithy

Photek – Rings Around Saturn

Photek will for me always be the man & i can still remember the first time i heard this masterpiece, just listen it’s fucking amazing. Quiff

Krust – Jazz Note 

Krust = Genius and this blew us away, getting to remix it was a career high & we’ve made a few tunes over the years! TS