Choice Cuts // March 2017

Here’s some records that happened in February; Dead Man’s Chest has been exploring the nostalgic world of hardcore raves, tape packs, early jungle and all the sounds and vibes from that era you can imagine for a while now. So, it seems only logical that he would drop an LP and it’s happened. Ingredients Records has lovingly produced 3 10 inch coloured vinyls and a limited edition mixtape featuring new Dead Man’s Chest tracks and all of his tracks to date mixed together and recorded onto a purple cassette. The new bit Tears is a belter as well.

Break dropped a swanky Break bit on Bristol based label, Exposure Records. It does what a Break track does and if you’re into that then you will definitely like it. Exposure drops a new bit on the flip as well.

Dyl has also just put the finishing touched to a dazzling new EP for Translation Recordings. That’s in the bag for this month.

Californian finger drummer, Ableton wizard and controllerist recently met Plasma Audio boss in the Australian desert and they collaborated on some tunes. Those tunes are out now. You can listen to them in the playlist.

NexGen Music in Washington have also been busy. Dropping new music from Kachina and Prangman.

Chimpo’s new label Box n Lock will be featuring his own productions and lots of vocalists. If the first video is anything to go by there will be some serious music coming out on there. The sort that will make you want to smash stuff up and chuck it at your mum. It should be banned.