Dead Man’s Chest: Trilogy Dubs Vol.1 [RECIPE 052] Ingredients Records

Ingredients are here with their latest instalment of the Dead Man’s Chest series, Trilogy Dubs, courtesy of Alex Eveson. No doubt DnB fans will have heard of Alex; he’s been releasing records from the deeper end of the DnB spectrum under the Eveson name for almost a decade now. The man is talented to say the least- an artist, producer, designer and DJ all in one, creating the artwork for the Dead Man’s Chest releases himself. By the way, I encourage you to have a snoop through his website when you have the chance – his artwork really is stunning.

If you haven’t heard of Dead Man’s Chest before, it’s a retrospective project conceived by Eveson aimed at reviving the sounds of the UK’s rave scene. It’s nostalgic and draws on the narrative of several genres, bringing them together to work in harmony. We’ve handpicked our favourite of the Trilogy Dubs’ 3 Volumes, Vol. 1, to talk about below.

Tears (Fantazia Version) – This tune sets its impassioned tone from the start with the sampled piano and vocals in the build-up. The drop gives way to a breakbeat beauty that is driven by deep, powerful subs and whose sound is heavily influenced by R&B. For me, the vocals are what really make this track special; they’re soulful and perfectly establish the somber mood of the tune. Tears definitely tugs at the heartstrings, which is one of the reasons I’ve had it on repeat; music that makes you feel is always so gloriously addictive. If you were wondering about the ‘Fantazia’ part, they were a dance organisation which held huge raves (we’re talking tens of thousands of people) in the 90s. Eveson has payed homage to this era with a tune that is built on the sounds of breakbeat hardcore during a time when it was on the rise.

Rinsa – The AA side of this release is an upbeat jungle gem by the name of Rinsa. It’s jazzy, atmospheric and impossible to sit still to. Whatever you are doing, Rinsa’s drums will make you wish you were having it out at jungle rave instead. Again the vocals on this one are a great addition to the track; they’re rich without drowning out the music. I’m too young to have experienced the UK rave scene back in its prime but tunes like this flawlessly set the scene for me and that’s what Dead Man’s Chest does so well; it fuses the past with the present to bring music-lovers of all ages together. Usually I will naturally pick a favourite when I listen to a release, but this time I think I love these tracks both in equal measure.

Staying true to dubplate culture, all three of the Trilogy Dubs volumes will be available to buy on 10” Vinyl which will make a splendid addition to any DJ’s collection of tunes. The records are limited in number so if you’re after a hard copy I’d bag them now to avoid disappointment. I’d also highly recommend getting yourself acquainted with the rest of the Trilogy Dubs treasures if you haven’t done so already because each tune brings something fresh to the decks.