Video Games – Aural and Aesthetic Qualities in Pop Culture

The arts have always had a major impact on the overall value of society. Back in school, you probably studied about the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, and Michelangelo, and all their significant contributions to the world. On the other hand, you may have seen pieces by famous international street artists, and understood how influential they’ve become over the years. Truly, these visual masterpieces provide a strong boost in the development of creativity on a greater scale.

These so-called positive changes can come from modern day writers, musicians, and graphic artists, just as much as traditional business heads and economists. In a way, everything contributes to the total experience and brings to light the beauty in innovation. Additionally, these aesthetic standards brought out the best in each artist involved and gave everyone a platform to showcase their talents on a more affirmative tone. Take video games, for instance.

Video games as an art form have somewhat been a hot potato within the entertainment industry. The idea of them remains a controversial topic up to this day, even with all the meaningful factors of fantastic storytelling, engaging music, and wonderful graphics. With today’s technology, the gaming world has become a cauldron brimming with appreciation for old-school titles and the approval of contemporary revolutions.

It seems like everything that involves the word “game” – from something as common as tabletops, to a pastime as high profile as cards and casinos – has a digital counterpart. Not only do these new iterations provide convenience all throughout, they also feature striking details and believable elements to give players a real-life experience. UK-based online gaming platform Gala Casino, for one, has engaging graphics and sounds to give players a close-to-reality ambiance. But what sets them apart from the others is that they’re one of the few that actually have a live dealer roulette feature; creating a one-of-a-kind visual atmosphere in the process.


Just like the aesthetic value of video games, its aural aspect also has something to do with its significance in pop culture. During the era when 8-bit titles were gaming console fixtures inside households, the likes of Super Mario Bros, Contra, and Galaga gave fans a treat. More than the actual gameplay, these games had iconic soundtracks and background themes that even up to now remain embedded in people’s psyches. You shouldn’t be surprised to hear one of your friends hum Contra’s classic jungle theme or watch someone cover Mario’s timeless intro music.

In essence, whether it’s solely valued by highbrow connoisseurs, exclusively understood by commoners, or everything in between, the arts has a unique way of creating a culture worth appreciating. From historical landmarks to online gaming platforms, typical street walls to old school consoles, everyone has the capability of recognizing the importance of all forms of art. They just have to open their eyes and ears.

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