Catching up with Marcus Intalex

In with their fourth instalment of the year, Soul:R are back with a huge 4 track EP and this time it’s from none other than the head honcho himself, Marcus Intalex. Known for being purveyors of the more underground liquid-rolling sound they show no signs of hilting this and Intalex really does provide some intense flavours to quench a thirsty heads ears with the latest offering in the Four:Fit series.

If you consider yourself a drum and bass head and Intalex hasnt been commonplace in your listening itinerary then we`d suggest re-think your strategy!  Anyway, with it being such a wicked release, we thought we`d have a chat with the man himself!

We are loving the new EP, some real stand out sounds on this one! How long has it been in the works?

I haven’t been writing as much drum and bass in the past few years as I have wanted to concentrate on the Trevino project. It felt like it was long overdue for an intalex release, so at the turn of the year I decided I wanted to release an Ep. There’s still a good number of tunes in the coffers that I thought were good enough but I wanted to write something fresh to give myself more choice. So it turns out that
half the Ep has been written in the past 3 months and the other half are projects I started about 3 years ago.

How do you tend to approach your productions, do you aim to display a certain style/mood?or does it just come naturally?

It’s very rare that I go into the studio with a defined idea. I tend to experiment with beat patterns or muck about with the synths until something sticks.

How would a typical day in the Intalex studio go, any rituals at all?

Switch it all on, press stuff, and hey presto. Seriously though, I just really enjoy the creation process. Some days the results are better than others but it’s difficult to remember a session that I didn’t come
out with something useful.

We`ve seen some great stuff coming from Soul:r this year, with Seba, DRS, Adred etc.. Anything else we can watch out for on the label?

Yea, LSB’s coming with an LP before the end of the year, more stuff from Seba, DRS, myself and various other artists

As the weather has been improving somewhat of late it reminds us that we are in festival season, anywhere you are looking forward to playing this year?

Yea there’s quite a lot happening with festivals, Nu Forms in Austria and Percezioni Festival in Rome lined up for July. I’m heading to Outlook which I’m sure will be fun. And there’s always Sun and Bass
which will be the highlight of the calendar year

Is there anyone you are feeling in the scene at the moment that we need to keep an eye on?

Obviously LSB is completely smashing it for me. Got some new tracks off Calibre last week that are next level and I’m loving some of the stuff from TI that’s borderline jump up but have the sickest grooves and

Do you have any plans to get back on your regular radio show? We used to love listening to your RMBA show regularly a few years back.

I did ask Red Bull if they were interested in starting up again, but I got no reply. I think I’ve been sacked for not turning up for 3 years.

We’re a huge fan of your Trevino productions and it really shows your diversity as a producer. How do you balance your time making Drum & Bass & Techno? (And the golf of course  )

I don’t consciously balance it. I make a particular style when I feel like I want to. The break from making drum and bass has been good for me and the recent return to 170 bpm has been all the more fruitful because
of it.

Thanks for taking your time out of your busy schedule. Do you have any final words?

My life needs more golf

Buy Marcus Intalex’s brand new Fourfit EP directly from Soul:R – Full release 17/6/16

Photo Credit: Ashes57