SubMarine – Posse EP // Interview

SubMarine. A name that is fast becoming one of Drum and Bass’s hottest property. With releases on Dispatch, 1985 & Flexout with his trademark sub-low, cinematic style SubMarine is steadily making his to the very top.

The Cologne based producer dropped his debut EP on Dispatch LTD last month, entering the fold with a stellar 4 track release that listeners by the time they are done, will be begging for more. Menacing throughout, SubMarine excels in production with pinpoint German efficiency, upheld by gritty, subversive bass weight throughout the release. We had a chat with Jonas to get an insight into this latest EP and find out a bit more about the man himself and his career so far… Here’s what he had to say!

SubmarineNice one for taking for time to speak to us here at In-Reach, how’s it going?

Cheers mate! I’m quite busy at the moment but I’m doing good thanks! Thanks for having me on the interview.

It’s safe to say you’ve gained a hoard of support with some stellar releases over the last few years. For those of us who may be slightly unfamiliar with you and your music, tell us a bit about yourself and your journey.

I’m a Producer and DJ based in Cologne / Germany and I started my musical journey in 2010. I started producing my own music back in 2012 and it’s definitely the best thing I’ve done so far.

As “SubMarine” I produce mainly 170 bpm beats but i’m also into other styles like 80s Synthwave, Scores and everything I’m feeling at this moment.

What has been the highlight so far over your musical career? Any bucket list moments?

My highlight definitely was Outlook 2014! It was my first time there and I entered the first stage “Clearing” and dBridge was playing. At this time i was more into playing harder drum and bass but already produced deep drum and bass. The thing is that i was just a local based “DJ” and Cologne was more into harder drum and bass. So I played it at gigs…

BUT dBridge completely change my mind and told me to do what I’m into musically. 1 year later, Fixate invited me to join the Exit boat party at Outlook and told me he would play some of my tunes. And he did. Every track he played was a pull up and everyone went mental on the boat. SP:MC made this story to a legendary one… He just pushed the people and the whole Exit crew like; WHERE IS THIS GUY WHO MADE THESE TRACKS!? After 3 rewinded tracks dBridge decided to bring me up to them and introduced me to everyone on the boat.

At the end of Fixate’s set, dBridge told me to play a tune before Skeptical started his set. So i did. It was my track called “Angler Beat” which is on my latest EP on 1985 Music. dBridge also rewinded that one… After the boat party I walked back to my apartment and cried.

That is crazy, it must have been a wicked feeling getting that recognition!

2018 has been a busy year release wise for yourself, I am counting over 7 so far this year which is a huge output and the quality is always on point. What drives you to make so much music?

Music became like the most important outlet to handle my depressions and they get me productive and creative.

What inspires you when you’re struggling to get any new material down?

I keep on making sounds, starting collabs and try to keep calm.

So let’s chat about your debut EP for Dispatch LTD. It comes in the form of 4 track release titled “Posse”. How did the link with Dispatch come about and how have you found working with them?

Ant played in Cologne and I also played that night. I played the tune “Roadblock” from Konflict and he asked me while mixing ” Why does it sounds so crispy?” I “remastered” the tune and normally it sounds a bit muddy because it’s quite old. He told me to send this version and I added a few tracks of mine in the download link.

How long have you been working on this particular release? Were you sitting on the tracks before Dispatch took them or did you make these especially for the label?

I actually send Ant 20 tracks and he picked 4 of them. I can’t say how long it took to work on each track. It was 2 years ago and a lot of long nights came across 😉

Nightmare really pushes the experimental boundaries, the production levels across the track are phenomenal. Can you tell us a little bit more about this track, do you enjoy making something different to the norm?

I love it! At the time I made this  I was sick and had really bad fever dreams. This is my interpretation of that.

Is there a certain track on this release that you’re especially pleased with how it turned out?

Definitely “Clairon”. I tried to get the same vibe as my track “Void” on Demand Records but it turned into a gnarly deep stinker. I still like it a lot.

What’s next for you release and gig wise for the rest of the year? Have you got anything big coming up that you can let us in on?

I’m done with releases for 2018 but there is so much going on at the moment and I can’t wait to show you my latest music.

Me and my local crew “D:FRNT” invited dBridge for our next event in Cologne on the 7th of December. And of course all the other 4 gigs I will play in December!

But I am really looking forward to start 2019!

Before we round up, have you got any shoutouts?

Huge thanks to all promoters / supporters / labels / friends all around the world for still pushing and supporting me! Thanks to you for having me on the Interview.

Big ups SubMarine for the chat!

You can grab the Posse EP right now from the Dispatch Recordings bandcamp.