Tubepicks: Detroit’s Filthiest

Detroit’s Filthiest has been producing underground tracks since the 90’s under his former moniker DJ Nasty. Widely regarded as one of ghettotech’s pioneers.  Most recently he released a firing EP on Leipzig’s Defrostatica imprint, which is out now. You can check it here. . .

I hit up Detroit’s Filthiest to find out his top 5 TubePicks for you. Have a watch of his playlist below…

If “Real People” Commercials were Real Life

This is a hilarious parody on those cheesy car commercials. This is what I would think if I was asked about Chevys. This is honest and on the button when it comes to talking about millennials. Touching too close to home.



To Catch A Predator


This old school but quality and quality lasts. This lampoons to catch a predator. Everything about this is hilarious. This is what happens when someone is so ignorant about getting caught and think it’s ok to have sex with a 17 year old. Every time I see this clip it cracks me up and it never gets old.


Substitute Teacher


The best Key and Peele skit to me. Classic and one of my all time favorite videos. True detention of ghetto when it comes to a character that’s been teaching in the city trying to pronounce normal white kids names. Key butchers every name and gets upset when the students pronounce their names correctly.


Match Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Art


Crazy ass video of a skull made up of matches. This takes a lot of time and patience. 10,000 matches were used. This shit is crazy when it gets set on fire.



Amazing Chocolate Cake Compilation

This is true fuckin food porn. I am about to get diabetes just by watching this. Amazing video that makes me want to fuckin make something. I’m not a big chocolate person but damn this looks good.