Who Is Richie Brains LP (EXIT LP016/065)

After a clever marketing campaign from the Exit Records camp we can finally confirm the names behind the mysterious ‘Richie Brains’ alias: Alix Perez, Stray, Chimpo, Fixate, Fracture, Om Unit & Sam Binga.

The project started out a few years ago when boss man, dBridge asked them to get together in the studio as he could hear a similarity in their music. The idea of a collective project seemed like a great idea to all of them. So after arranging studio sessions around their busy schedules, a few years later and they had come up with a collection of tracks for the LP.

The ‘Who is Riche Brains LP’ is now available directly from the Exit Records bandcamp, along with full album previews.

EXIT LP016 – 12 track 3 x 12″
EXIT 065 –  2 track 1 x 7″ 
Tote Bag
4 x Postcards
32 Page Zine

*The vinyl format comes with a free download (zipped wav)

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