In-Reach // Top Of The Pops // April 2016

It’s spring now and I’ve got a load more tunes discovered by me on the internet this month. Some of them are old and some of them are new. Its the internet is doesn’t matter. It’s all just a big cloud of stuff. So here we go. I’ve put them in a playlist this time so it’s less mental to look at.

Digital’s new album dropped on his own label, Function Records. I’ve whapped some of my picks from the LP into this month’s playlist. It’s all collaborations on the album and there’s some household names for you to get excited about.

Inperspective have been back in the game this year and the b side of the new Earl Grey single is a drum frenzy that you’ve got like really.

I’m always giving people a nod towards Chuckz and he’s got some new bits on his soundcloud. On gawd is a vibes one for you.

Kanye’s controversial and I was slow onto it, but I rate no more parties in L.A. It’s in there.

Ticklish has got an EP coming out in March on Beat Machine’s Swinging Flavours series. They’ve got one tune on the soundcloud so far. Lost will get you ready for the summer.

Sangy dropped his debut EP Second Best on Bare Noise Records last week. He’s had support from Daddy Skitz and SBTV. He’s got more music on the way and it’s free so you might as well cop it. Scum bag is one of the more grimey bits on the release.

Mark System’s You Gave Up my Love out now on Warm comms is one of my top tunes for the year this far. You just cannot ramp with that noise.

The new Commix track Generation on Metalheadz is another tumper and Seba has just dropped a seba showcase on soul:ution with a full working of his trademark sounds. Heavy rotation from me for both of those tunes.

Ruiz MC has just released a mixtape for free download which is worth having a look at. Some deep spoken word and as usual he’s going for some serious topics.

That’s it for this month. If you want some more picks check the podcast and subscribe in iTunes if you’ve got one of them iPhones.

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