Catching up with DBR UK

With their latest release dropping imminently on Dispatch Recordings, we sat down for a chat with DBR UK to see what they’ve been up to and finally ask them what DBR actually stands for! The “days apart EP” features collaborations with structured who’s another one to watch, buy on sight!

Welcome to In-Reach guys. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. What have you guys been up to recently then?

No worries, Anytime. We’ve been in the studio mainly working on some new bits & gigs in europe.

We’re a huge fan of the new EP just landed on Dispatch. How did the EP come about with Structured? And was there a different approach with this as to the album you put out last year?

Thank you. 

Originally ‘Scans’ & ‘Buds’ was in the folder for the album submission but was decided to hold them back for a later EP which turned out to be what we know as the ‘Days Apart EP’. There wasn’t a different approach really from the the tracks we had made together which feature on the album, when we work together things just seem to happen freely.

So how long have you guys been making music then? 

Since early 2000/2001.

Can you explain what DBR stands for? (Always bugged me ha)

Drum And Bass Republic

Always a hard one but a favourite tune from your back cat?

Craig – ‘Fortress’ or ‘Policies’

Carl – Kilo


Run us through your studio set up. Analogue/Digital? Favourite plug ins/ hardware?

Mac Book Pro / Oxygen / Konnekt 6 / Mackies

Tunes that never leave the bag?


War- Rift

Photek- Bleeps Tune

Bad Company- Numbers

We always like to get a little insight into artists producers are feeling. Any up and coming heads we need to watch out for?




If you could remix any tune, what would it be and why?

Marcus Intalex & St Files – Neptune. An all time favorite track that builds and builds. I think we could give the track a different dimension.

Any final shouts?

Big up Ant, Alex & the whole Dispatch family, Also to everyone who are supporting our music.

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Words: Jamco