Nick-EP ft Hainesy 10/1/15 –

On the weekend myself and the Nick:EP wanted to warm you into the new year with a blend of old and new. Live at the source of it all . Here’s the recording in case u couldn’t lock in!


Marcus Intalex – These Days (31 Records)
Mark System – Soundman (Exit Records
Mako, Villem & Mcloed – Inner Revolution (Utopia)
Lynx & Maple – Shaku (Digital Soundboy)
Bcee – Breath in (Spearhead)
Dkay & DJ Lee – Touch (Hospital)
Eveson – Naughtier (N/A)
Bal – All City (Dispatch Ltd)
Calibre – Let The Music Play (Creative Source)
Sonic & Silver – The Harder They Come (L Plates)
Rufige Crew – Is this Real (I’m Not Sure) (Commix Remix)
Phantom Audio – K2 (Phantom Audio)
<< Andy C & Shimon – Recharge (Ram Records)
Gwange & Spinback – The Executioner – Serum Remix (CIA)
Roni Size – Watching Windows – DJ Die Gnarly Instrumental Remix (Talkin’ Loud)
Digital – Waterhouse Dub (Function Records)
Doc Scott – Shadow Boxing (31 Records)
Synkro – Transient (Apollo)
Skeptical – Offline (31 Records)
Jonny L – S4 (XL Recordings)
Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh (Juice Records)
Invisible Man – Flute Tune (Sublogic Recordings)
System X – You Gotta Believe (3rd Eye Records)
Tom & Jerry – Dancer (T&J)
Invisible man – Skyliner Remix (Timeless Recordings)
Phaze 1 – Natural (Timeless Recordings)
Atlas – Second Heaven (Dee Jay Recordings)
Peshay & Photek – Untitled (Street Beats VDLP1)

Original photo taken by – Jay Toland