Marcus Intalex EP // SUNANDBASS Recordings

One of the most beautiful things about being a creative is that you get to leave your mark. Musicians, artists, filmmakers… they all leave legacies through bodies of work. They leave behind music, paintings, films & more. They take risks to make a living from what they love by pushing the envelope and challenging the limitations & status quo of their industry and are usually remembered fondly for their boldness and innovation.

The same can be said for Marcus Intalex (aka Marcus Kaye) a constant innovator and champion of rising talent, who sadly passed away last year. His influential legacy continues through the beauty of his music, having the rare distinction of leaving his mark on both drum and bass and techno. His latest EP is being released by SUNANDBASS Recordings, a collective whom Marcus showed huge support for since the early days of the festival.

The EP consists of three tracks; ‘Deep Stepper’, ‘Roller 170’ and ‘Ninty One’. All have the classic refined sound so quickly associated with Marcus’ productions; hints of Detroit Techno & classic house blended together to form the distinct vibe and sound. Each track is a standalone contender in their own right, but together complimenting each other and showcasing the hallmark sounds of one of drum and bass’ finest.

Perfect for both the dancefloor or easy listening, the latest offering from SUNANDBASS Recordings is available now, you can grab your copy here.