Jem One x Vince Rollin Q & A (SKELETON RECORDINGS)

Easy crew!

Last week we caught up with the big dons Jem-One and Vince Rollin from Skeleton Recordings to talk about their new collaborative EP and what’s going down in the camp… Available to purchase right here

Hey guys, how’s it going? Must be excited for the latest release Friday just gone? 

(J) I’m well thank you, busy pushing forward with new music in the studio. Yes, I’m always happy when it’s time for a new release to drop, especially when it’s on Skeleton. Brian puts a lot of effort into the releases and it’s always a quality product.

(K) It’s always exciting to have something you have created thrust into the limelight. It’s even a bit more special when it’s a vinyl release, as it’s an artefact that you can keep for years to come!

Run us through the EP quickly, there’s a very raw feel to the EP – fewer samples and a lot more breaks, talk us through it.

(J) Well you’ve hit the nail on the head with my sound. I’m all about the rawness and try not to worry to much about getting to technical. The two tracks of mine on this release were really a snapshot of a vibe that’s always running through my mind. That being, a relentless loop of stepping breaks and bass. I’ve always been inspired by the tek step sound of the 90’s and I like to try and keep the focus of tracks on the breaks playing with the weight of the bassline. Sitting behind these elements I always like to have a pad or two to add drama, tension and depth and I hope that comes across in these two tracks.

(K) Most of my music is very break orientated. I think perhaps it is something that’s lacking in a lot of new styles these days. I made a conscious decision a little while ago to go back to the roots and draw from classic breaks and try and re-imagine a style that took the best of past sub genres and make something new.

Vince Rollin

Jem, you live in the UK. Kev, you in Tasmania. Do you guys known each other well and how this project come about? 

(J) I’ve known Kev for some time and we chat via the internet and have forged a good relationship through that medium. We originally met through Vapours 36 Hertz label, that we’ve both released on and I think we had a mutual love of a stepping Amen lol.

(K) I’ve gotten to know Jem through our connections with 36 Hertz and it’s been a natural progression.

I think we are on a similar wavelength in terms of perspective on life and music and often share tunes and feedback with each other and generally discuss the meaning of life. 
The vision of Monita is really what pulled this project together, I think one of my tunes he’s been holding for at least a year now. Brian is always tirelessly working in the background to pull together solid releases for the label.


What inspired these dark jungly vibes? It sounds like what Bane would listen to if he banged DnB.

(J) I’ve always made the darker side of DNB and I’ve always just tried to express what’s within my mind and soul. I don’t set out to make a particular style of music, I Just begin to create loops and what comes, comes. Tbh most of my tracks go through various vibes and styles during the initial loop creation stage, until I hear something that I know I wish to roll out into a full track.

(K) On a deeper level I’m always trying to encapsulate and express the age old struggle between darkness and light, whilst drawing from a palette and influence of decades of rave music.Other than that it’s just an expression of how I feel at the time usually when I sit down to write music. The darkness is an abstract way for me to express emotion. Maybe I’ve got a little more darkness inside me than light?

More about yourselves, where are you on the age-old red stripe / real ale argument in the rave?

(J) I cant say I personally know about that argument lol, but tbh I don’t drink alcohol anymore and haven’t for some time. So, I’m not really bothered what people in the party choose to drink as long as they’re having a good time and are vibing.

(K) I’ve always been more of a bourbon man personally. But like a good dirty draught beer on a hot summers day.

What’s your biggest pet hates in the scene?

(J) You know what, I don’t really involve myself to much in ‘the scene’. I’m in my late 40s and I’m just happy to make music and play out when I get a booking. There’s some good people in this game and I’m happy to say I’ve met some good friends through expressing my creativity, to me that’s a great thing. I do have some hates, but I prefer to moan about those to my friends in private lol.

(K) I try to stay clear of the hate. Hence why I moved practically to the South Pole! But seriously, these days I find it’s best just to focus on the positive and keep things rollin’

What’s next to come from this release? More work, or any gigs?

(J) Well it will be business as usual, just making more and more music. I’ve got a couple of bookings so far this year, one of which is the Skeleton vs Repertoire night on June 9th in London and I’d be happy to play more gigs if they come along. I’m in the process of pretty much changing my vibe and approach to production, so I’m hoping that this year some of these tracks from my new project come to light. You’ll certainly hear my new output at any gigs I play in 2018 for sure.

(K) I will keep plugging away as I do, looking to forge more connections in the scene and push good music and vibes forward. A trip back to the motherland is definitely on the cards at some point.

Safe guys, the EP goes in. Appreciate you coming through. Each and every!