Hybris – Iceworm/ Common Ancestor (Metalheadz)

Having his last release on the legendary Metalheadz 7 years ago, Hybris has returned bigger and better than ever in this stunning two track release. Metalheadz describes his sound as “sonic artillery”: the only two words that can justify the punch this man’s music makes.

First on this release is “Iceworm” which is a real showcase in Hybris’ exploratory nature within the realms of Drum & Bass. While reverb laden pads dispersed with distorted sub hits rule this intro, what Hybris has to say with this track is hidden all in the drop: click snares, filtered amens and abrasive subs all interact to create a texture so thick it cannot even be cut by a knife.
While connotations of the word “ice” suggest harsh, cold bitterness, this track delivers the opposite: aggressive raging flames of minimal waves guarantee to warm one’s cockles this cold February. This track is one the underground will thoroughly exploit on their dancefloor and their dancefloor only.

The B side of this single encapsulates yet more experimentation from the Prague resident, offering up delicious slices of jungle influenced madness. “Common Ancestor” exploits the repetitive nature of drum and bass introductions and adds layers upon layers to amount to the only thing that’s important; the drop. After some orchestral timpani brings organic vibes over the top of mad synthesis, sci fi reminiscent lasers and synths knock the listener sideways with the full uncontrolled force of Hybris’ scattering of amen breaks, pungent kicks and forceful detuned sub.

If you want dark, mysterious sonic design then I cannot recommend this release higher. This is the epitome of raw, experimental minimal and cannot be faulted in its quality.

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