Introducing Adred & Guest Mix – CIA Deep Kut

Let’s be fair, CIA Records have always been at the top of their game. You only have to look at their back catalogue to see that! In-keeping with their policy of putting out the best in cutting edge music, CIA  welcome Adred to the label with his debut 4 track EP out on 30/10/15. Here’s what Adred had to say when we caught up with him….

Yo and welcome to In-Reach Adred. Can you introduce yourself for all our readers? 

Thanks so much! Sure, I am from the suburbs of NYC, I have been into drum and bass for 15 years. Into production for 12 years. In addition to drum and bass I also produce a wide variety of music including techno, breakbeats, hip hop and garage.

We’re a huge fan of the new EP and love the diversity throughout the 4 tracks. What was the idea behind the EP?

Thank you! It was basically to write 4 quality tunes that could stand on their own and not to write any fillers.

I understand you produce a wide range of musical tempo’s from R&B to Techno, House & Drum & Bass. is there a particular tempo you prefer to work with? Or do you find it the same across all genres?

I try not to think about tempos and genre’s when I write music, It’s more about the vibe of the track.

Could you give us a little insight into your musical influences. I understand your father was a musician and your mother an artist right?

That is correct, My parents were a huge influence on me growing up. My house was always filled with creative people. Music was also a big part of my life. My dad was in a band and they practiced in our house while my mother was in the other room drawing or painting. Growing up surrounded by so many creative people was an amazing thing and really shaped me into the producer I am today. I grew up listening to artist like David Bowe, Tears for Fears & Bob Marley. Later on I got into DJ Premier, Outkast & Dillinja.

We’ve heard you have releases lined up on various other labels including 31 Records, Soul:R and CIA. How long have you been producing Drum & Bass?

I do have a few tracks coming out on Soul:r and a techno release on 31 Records as Eastern District, which is my collaboration with Robert Manos.

I have been producing Drum & Bass for 12 years now.

Quick fire:

Favourite 3 records? 

1. Elevators by Outkast

2. I wanna know by Dillinja

3. Spectre by Aquasky

Top 3 producers at the moment?


2. Paradox

3. Flying Lotus

Samples or Analogue?


Thanks for taking the time to speak with In-Reach. Make sure you check out his guest mix below. Any final words Adred?

Thanks for chatting with me today. I am looking forward to my debut release to come out. Hope everyone enjoys!

You can purchase Adred’s release directly from the CIA Bandcamp

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