Dissecting ‘Module Eight’ with Loxy – Exit Records

Every now and again in the flourishing scene of drum and bass we are blessed with seeing some of our favourite artists collaborate and sometimes these collaborations become a repeat project as they work really well and sometimes they are just one offs. Either way, when a head see`s artists collaborating it usually gets us pumped, and this one is most definitely one to get excited about. 

Down in the dungeons of Exit Records something very special has been in the works from some of the scenes most respected producers. Label honcho dBridge and Renegade Hardware general Loxy, alongside Kid Drama, Skeptical and Resound. Yes I know, it’s a biggie. They are going by the name of ‘Module Eight’ and their debut LP as a collaborative effort is called ‘Legacy’.

Now it should come as no surprise that there is no particular rule with this LP, sonic boundaries are being pushed and alot of styles are encompassed without being catagorized as specifically drum and bass from track to track, Whether it’s the dark, macabre influence of Loxy & Resound, dBridge`s & Skepticals moody steppiness or Kid Drama`s explorative autonomy you can hear the creative influence from all artists.

We caught up with Loxy to get the low-down on the project and what Module Eight have got in store for us going forward!


Loxy 2


Easy Loxy, hope you are well sir… How long has Module Eight been in the works? and how did you come about collaborating with dBridge,  Skeptical and Kid Drama as we know you and Resound have worked together quite a few times?

Well I’ve collaborated with dBridge and also Skeptical regularly so it wasn’t something that was too thought out, and we were all making tunes with each other and we all share music with one another and like everyone else we get stuck sometimes, we are all fans of each other’s music so it kind of developed very naturally.

How does working with a larger collaboration effect your working process? Do you find it easier with more ideas being brought to the table or is it a much different process altogether?

Yeah I guess it’s easier as its spread out the work load and also means we get through tunes a lot quicker, it’s also more fun and interesting- we all do our thing in our own right so there’s no ego just the basic principle of making music to enjoy it and play it, no grand agendas.

Are you set to do shows as Module Eight or are you keeping it to the studio?

We just did the launch at fabric where we all played, so I’m sure it’s something we would be open to as long as it’s approached in the right way

You can definitely hear who’s been a big player in certain tracks on the LP, with certain styles radiating from the speakers. Would you say that each track tends to be led by one or two of you? Or are they mostly just a big mixture of the five of you?

The thing is people think they know who’s played a big role in certain tunes but the fact is most people’s assumptions are wrong, some said the beats on a track sound like a certain member but they were way off; people shouldn’t assume to know this as it is truly a melting pot of everyone’s work. I personally don’t hear a sound led by any particular individual but a mash up of all 5,

Also I’d imagine you ended up with a few different versions of tracks for the LP; was it tough to decide which would be the final version? Hopefully there weren’t too many arguments on who’s was better 😉

Actually it wasn’t hard at all, no arguments The tracks picked themselves really

Do you guys have anything else lined up after the album release? I can imagine you are all still busy in the shared folder 

We got another batch we are currently working on, no definitive plans just rolling out hopefully will have an EP on Cylon on or something next and something on CNVX we are not on any deadlines etc so we just let it roll out naturally again

Any final words?

Grab the album and keep supporting the movement!

Pre-0rder the ‘Module Eight’ ‘Legacy album’ right here