#Back Of The Stack 32- MC Fox

#Back of the stack, catching up with artists in the scene every 2 weeks and reminiscing on some of their favourite tracks from back in the day. No real rules, just sharing some musical knowledge and reflecting on the past….

This week we caught up with Fox, the heavyweight Mancunian MC who transcends genres with unbelievable style. He’s well respected and well connected, featuring on tons of artists releases from DRS’s ‘Mid Mic Crisis’ to one of my personal favourite tunes of all time – The Mouse Outfit’s ‘Built in a Day’. His distinguishing accent and relaxed flow (even in double time) has had him working alongside vocalists from Skittles to IAMDDB, bringing a bit of comfort and flair to everything he gets involved in. Absolute pleasure to hear his #Back of the Stack. Big up Fox!

Hoodman – Jermaine

So 1st Tyler track has got to be “Jermane” back when Tyler was Hoodman. Not the 1st track i’d heard from him but the 1st that i couldn’t stop singing!! Everything bout that tune is perfect and tbh, I’m surprised it didn’t get more attention.

DRS – The View Ft. LSB & Tyler Daley

2nd track is “The View” Drs Ft LSB and Tyler. Gets me emotional every time and its been the soundtrack to so many good memories. Been so my raves and festivals where this gets played and it gets deep especially when u hear everyone singing it.

Children of Zeus – Still standing

The 3rd track, like the last, isn’t just about Tyler cos clearly everyone involved has hit the mark but they’re tracks where i think Tyler is at his best. “Still Standing” Children of Zues is just epic material!

Children of Zeus – Crown

Gonna cheat and add a 4th cos “Crown” By COZ is worthy of a mention and is a track i listen to a lot. It speaks of pain, struggle, failure, success, resilience, and love.

That’s all from Fox.

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