Alix Perez – ‘Enchiridion EP’ 1984

Following three powerful EP releases last year, we’ve recently seen dnb innovator Alix Perez throw out yet another off-the-chain EP. The four-track record entitled ‘Enchiridion’, released on Perez’s own label (1985 Music) hones in on the gritty, rolling side to his production.

The opening track ‘BXL’ lulls us into a false sense of security before hammering down some snappy drums and a sinister bassline. This one is sparking up some serious energy in the dance; it’s arguably the best track on the EP.

Next up, Perez pulls together with Monty to concoct a naughty little number called ‘Caligo’. Right from the start we’re shaken up and disorientated with syncopated rattles, disturbing rises and sudden pauses. Before you know it your gasping for air as this stripped-back roller pulls you under with its growling bass tones from below.

Flipping over to the B-side, Perez joins forces with Shogun’s drum and bass warrior, Icicle. Together, they come up with ‘Live with It’ – words which echo through the track and are mashed up on the drop. Expect static bass snarls and militant drums. Hold tight.   

With his foot still held on the gas, Mr. Perez dips into lighter territories with ‘Slink’; the final number on the EP. Subtly playing with enchanting melodies and soulful vocal snippets, he propels this track forward with sharp, tight-knit drum work. A smooth exit for sure.

If you’re feeling this, make sure you get down to E1 for Critical Music Presents: Critical Sound X 1985 Music on 8th December. Alix Perez will be joined by the likes of Monty, Chimpo, Hazard, Enei, Sam Binga, T>I, SP:MC and many more. It’s going to go off!