Tubepicks: Fuj

Amsterdam based producer Fuj recently unleashed a stack of deadly rhythms on Translation Recordings. His Crooks EP showcases his recent production spanning halftim and 170 beats with flavours of dubwise, thundering drums and bass weight. I thought it would be a great time to ask him for his top 5 YouTube videos. Here’s what he came up with. . .


First off, a huge shout out to the Membrain team whom I’m proud to be part of this year… and this promo video should have everyone hyped for it. Clip is created by the multi talented MEDIKA, part of the Membrain core and curator of NOISE TEST events in Bristol. It captures all the essence of the beautiful Croatian environment and the heaviness of the artists we have lined up, serious coastal vibes and local culture abounds the festival setting… it’s going to be epic!

The event has been featured on in-reach so get to know all the details [here]


2.DLR Production Tutorial

I don’t watch a lot of production tutorials anymore but I can watch and listen to Jay/DLR talk all day to be honest. Top bloke and on top of the game, this walk-through shows his workflow inside and out and there’s plenty of knowledge there, especially for the young guns and the curious. I think it’s the way he explains things that’s fun but deep, much like his music I suppose. Looking forward to Jay bringing the troops for the Sofa Sound takeover at Membrain Festival this year…another plug 🙂


3.Calibro 35.

Full album stream of Calibro 35’s self-titled LP, so stoked someone upped this for all to hear! Lucky to see them live last year, Calibro 35 are an instrumental cinematic funk band from Milan. They blend crusty analog vibes and Italian flair, touch of retro and plenty of grunt, good drinking music….




4.Alien Making Of 

One of my all time favs, great to see how it was conceptualised and created… Alien was so ahead of it’s time when looking back on it, the perfect sci-horror flick. Just the right balance of hands-on modelling and CG, H.R. Giger inspired work is also wicked to see evolve. I remember watching this movie for the first time with my little brother in a creepy motel in a town called Orange, can’t recall why we were there but I’ll never forget the Alien!





5.Scrutiny Clip

The official clip for the title track from my EP release this year, Scrutiny is a wicked visualisation and reflection of the music. This was envisioned by Din Is Noise, repping the edge of bass in Beirut and the clip was created by Körperraumbild; Cynthia-ël Hay and Camille Schaeffer from Berlin. Intense body work and strobing visions attacks the track with precision, really captured the vibe I reckon. Many thanks to all involved in the production and release, so stoked on this!