The long awaited return of FABRICLIVE

Fabric, the world renowned London venue, suffered what seemed to be a devastating knock out punch nearly two years ago when Operation Lenor shut the club down, and revoked their licence, due to the tragic death of two young attendees.

Through the #savefabric campaign the music industry united as one to bring back our beloved venue by raising a staggering £200,000. A deal was eventually made to reopen Fabric but with this great news it was announced that they would be steeply cutting back on their FABRICLIVE bass-driven nights, and no more would we see lineups across the full club, as the intimate third room was rarely used at all, only recently opening as a ‘chill out’ room with no DJ’s.

Gone were the days of seeing Calibre roll out for 6 hours in room three, with the likes of Critical Music taking room two, and Ram Records in the main room. There were still great artists being booked to play the occasional Drum and Bass night, but varied lineups made quite a few refrain from making a return to the club. So, when it was announced last week that from September we will see the return of the three room lineups, revitalised with some of our favourite big name brands, as well as exciting upcoming label takeovers, we got a bit excited!

FABRICLineups feature a welcome return for labels and brands such as Metalheadz, Dispatch Recordings, Flexout Audio, Addictive Behaviour, Drum & Bass Arena, and AWOL, plus loads more. As if this isn’t enough to get you back to Farringdon, the Friday night event has deployed a revised ticket price which will see much more affordable tickets for those of us on a shoestring budget. £5 earlybirds? Yes please.

So make sure you get over to the FABRICLIVE listings and secure yourself a ticket for one (or two… or maybe even three) of these events!