The Fourth Cycle EP – Spirit – DIS119

Dispatch have been very consistent with their output for 2018, with each release of the highest quality and testament to their stable of artists.

Their latest release by Spirit – believe it or not – is the artist’s first excursion on Dispatch. For the behemoths of the scene it’s surprising that they have only paired up in 2018 and not any earlier.

This 4 track E.P shows the deeper side of Spirt and what I guess are some of his musical influences. There is a heavy techno trance and electro presence in these tracks and it shows Spirit’s versatility as an artist.

Both ‘Interval’ and ‘Setting Sun’ have that deep and dreamy vibe to them: simple drum grooves married with hypnotic pads, techno synth arpeggios, then rounded off with classic mid 90s reece basses. These would definitely be at home in a set that takes you through a musical journey. These tunes actually envoke memories of Seba’s ‘Painted Smile that came out some years ago.

‘Buzzed’ and ‘Intoxication’ are what you would call the traditional dancefloor work out tunes, with influences from electro and techno again at the forefront. I myself love ‘Intoxication’, I absolutely adore the TB-303 riff that’s been kept center stage in this track. The sub bass absolutely thumps and drives the tune along; sometimes the simple is far more devastating.

As you would expect from Spirit, all tracks are well produced and hit all the frequencies they are supposed too.
It’s also good to see his versatility and show he can mix it in any style. A quality release from Dispatch.

You can now pick this up from the Dispatch webstore along with their Bandcamp page and all the regular outlets!