The Eleventh Hour EP (Atmomatix Records)

From its humble beginnings in 2014 as a platform for label boss Critical Event to release his own music, Atmomatix Records has consciously moved in direction of its output from releasing soft downtempo and ambient electronica to its current stance of deep and soulful Liquid Drum & Bass. For the first EP of 2018, Critical Event has round up some friends to produce a record that raises a new bar for a new year: ‘The Eleventh Hour EP’. 

To kick off the EP and the label’s debut 12″, a gradually building arpeggiator welcomes you to ‘Eleventh Hour’. With the experience HumaNature has gained from many labels such as Fokuz, Liquicity and more, you don’t need to be a fan of this amazing artist to know he’s brought the goodies for this Atmomatix release. This track ebbs, falls and rises, providing a constant flow of pure vibe to deliver four sublime drops where a throbbing Reese take centre stage. Indeed, the first track on this EP sets the tone for a concise yet broad spectrum of sound to prove deep and soulful Liquid has a home.

A very Calibre-esque filtered lounge piano takes to the fore for the second track of this release, HumaNature’s ‘Upside Down’. Cleverly combining this laid back acoustic instrument with a robotic vocal hook, the track steps forward with the punchiest of breaksto complete the laid-back flair. An echoing electric guitar lick combined with a soft Saxophone line caught in the breakdown sections provides a breather before the powerful old school break makes a powerful re-entrance.

Next on this EP is Radicall’s remix of ‘Cold Summer Night’ by head honcho Critical Event and the mighty tech wizard Wreckless. Underneath the intricate drum break dazzles a mirage of atmospheric pads dusted with echoing vocal shouts and eastern guitar plucks. Driven by a powerfully warm bass only Radicall can deliver without it overpowering the delicate and delightfully catchy vocals, this is truly a tune made for the dancefloor.

To wrap up this intricate and exciting dive into Atmomatix Records’ latest release, Critical Event and Radicall present another banger from their collaborative project Ash:Ram, entitled ‘No Regrets’. After even the first listen, it is clear these artists are very confident in this tune and indeed have no regrets; dreamy, lilting synth stabs bring a percussive element that combine with a filtered break before slowly galvanising above the strong bassline. Yet the track doesn’t stop there; a wandering saw synth provides great depth and scope to really drive home the precise and intrinsic soulful vocal adlibs.

The hype is real: while many outside the tight-nit Liquid circle have only heard of Critical Event and his many friends, it is safe to say you need to get to know. This EP is sure to cement Critical Event and Atmomatix Records in the consciousness of the wider Drum & Bass community.

This proves to be a corker of an EP and Atmomatix’s first 12″ vinyl record. Go cop the EP here:


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