Sub Focus will always have a special place in my heart; His music marks an era of discovery in my musical taste, back when I was still learning what Drum and Bass was, and realising how very many sub genres and sounds were encapsulated in this branch of electronic music.

Drum and Bass was characterised by fast break beats with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers, but there was so much more to it, so much emotion. I remember music from Sub Focus sounding so fresh, so futuristic, it felt like there were so many possibilities; I had fallen for Drum and Bass hard, and the rest is History.

It’s no secret that the 2017 Sub Focus releases have been a little more main stream in nature, and there is nothing wrong with that. One of the reasons Sub Focus will always be a favourite producer of mine, is his adaptability and and genuine ability to make music covering so many different sounds and flavours. The 2018 release ‘Desire’ (Sub focus X Dimension) felt like a turning point for me, Sub Focus was back in the underground, and frankly I don’t think it possible to dislike the tune, an incredible display of both DJ’s production styles, catchy and beautiful.

The 26th July marked the release date of Sub Focus’s double A-side club release ‘Solar System’ and ‘Siren’, now I’m not suggesting he had dissapeared, as Sub Focus has been touring some of the absolute hot spots for electronic dance music; however, there has been a significant Sub Focus shaped hole in the last 7 years memory of my musical catalogue; and this release has been worth waiting for, he is back and with that full bodied force I remember grabbing my attention all those years ago.


BANG. Instantly, the moment the track starts, you don’t need forensic analysis to know this has Sub Focus DNA all over it. Atmospheric and beautiful build up, something is coming through the darkness, and it is going to be big. A simple yet punchy bass-line greets you and envelopes you, suddenly I am back at 18 listening to Last Jungle, totally covered in goosebumps and grass, I’m in a field, terrible sound system, but it doesn’t matter; those are the moments you never forget.

This track was a favourite at Let It Roll Festival 2019, and I’m not surprised, I feel like I’ve been transported through time and space, perhaps through the Portal itself. According to Google, the lyrics of this track are ‘Red one’ on repeat, perhaps a shout out to Scott Bourne? Perhaps an unfortunate translation.. who knows..


Yet again, the first few bars hit you straight up, it is so few producers that can do that, and Sub Focus has been doing it so constantly, incredible. I can’t help but get the bass face out for this track, and it is certainly my favourite of the two. The beauty and the stylish element never leaves, but that dirty synth has so much power to it, many a drink will be spilt skanking to this heavy duty banger!

I had a slight nervousness before playing these tracks for the first time, I wanted so badly to like them, but not like them because of what the artist means to me, but really truly unequivocally like them; there is no like about it, it is LOVE all the way. Thank you Sub Focus; well worth the wait, and these tunes will be the 2019 soundtrack of so many summer festival memories for the whole DnB community. Solid 10/10.

Stream or buy yourself a copy HERE.