Choice Cuts: August

It’s been a busy month, but i’m back as ever with some choice cuts that have landed in my inbox over the last couple of weeks. Check them out and let me know what you think.


First up young Ewol dropped his Cyrus EP on Plasma Audio. Showcasing an extraordinary talent for deep and rolling drum and bass this isn’t Ewol’s first release on the label and hopefully there’s going to be a few more on the way.

Onism QI released the epic 96 Dreamers EP. Featuring a handful of highly experimental cuts featuring elements of house, jungle, hardcore and more. An expertly combined menu of tastes and well worth checking it out. That one just dropped on Translation.

The Arizona based imprint, Free Love Digi has released the second instalment in their Versus compilation series. Showcasing a huge swathe of their artist stable this is a must if you’re into the more unusual sounds.  My pick by DLX has some intense drum work.

Monika just released a nifty single via Silent Dusts none60 imprint. Shortwave incorporates crackling radio samples in a homage to shortwave radio. Check it out.

A swerve away from drum and bass for a second here. Manchester’s Chunky has released Lyric Mi. A wavy excursion through Chunky’s unique linguistic flair and his outlandish approach to making music.

Finally another Manchester outfit Dub Phizix & Strategy made a triumphant return in August with the release of Calm. Highly original Strategy flows coupled with the dropkick to the face punch of Dub Phizix’s production. That’s it from me this month. I’ll be back soon with some more cuts.