SCAR // The Caged EP

The Metalheadz camp are forever delivering the goods, and this time its from Script and Survival’s project, SCAR. If you are a keen drum and bass fan this should be a name that you’ve heard by now. Cementing their signature style of raucous bass stabs and terrifically traditional drum breaks, SCAR stay true to form and have certaintly not held back with the ‘Caged’ EP.

Starting proceedings with the title track ‘Caged’. Greeted with bright chimes and drawn­out synths combined with a shuffling, slung­back drum beat that kind of throws you off the scent of whats about to come. A fading in 90’s esque rave sample then furiously ports you into that instantly recognisable gurgling SCAR bass and classic regimented drum breaks, this track has been doing the rounds at the festivals this summer and is met with great pleasure from the crowd, serious banger!

Then its ‘Free Fall’ featuring fellow scene heavyweights, Artificial Intelligence. With a more uptempo feel from the off the bubbly pads and skippy drums that soon advance into a bass­stab heavy pounder. Haunting female vocals set a kind of light in the dark sense over the alarming industrial sounds. ‘Free Fall’ creates a slight feeling of tension thats broken up very nicely with the vocals and almost swiping bass, a personal favourite from the EP.

Stepping down a gear we have ‘Your Move’ which opens with an uplifting atomospheric intro coupled with the lead vocal sample looping in and out of an open hi­hat groove that soon drops into that aforementioned super­traditional drum break SCAR are so good at nailing, woven with droning bass and gleaming synths throughout this track is definitely one for the heads and those that like their drums a little more breaky and spacious.

Now for the first of the two digital exclusives ‘Fall From Grace’ has the continued theme thats been set throughout of a lighter, more calming intro that deceives the listener to an extent with robotic sounds painting a picture of space, cruising along with heavy organic pads and a soft female vocal that positions the track for the ultra­choppy drums and grinding bass, exhibiting SCAR’s almost seemless knack for creating old school flavours and modernizing them with a range of superb production techniques.

Finally the last track on this excellent EP ‘Return To Swerve’. Paying homage to Fabios famous drum and bass night, Swerve. Drifting vocals and ethereal synths pave the way for the steady, tight drum line with punchy percussive notes and bass drops. This one takes you on a bit of a journey, again with an almost haunting feel but still that recognisable SCAR feel of brilliant tension and darkness.

This EP is a must have for any head whether you DJ or not, with an array of different styles displayed within SCAR`s own tabbed theme this is an amazing listening experience as well as a destructive force to be used upon the dancefloor. Head over to Metalheadz and most other good online music stores to grab your copy.



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