Chills – 'Goggin1/Start with A' (GSTEP009)

I’m sure by now you’ve all probably guessed that I’m something of a drum and bass purist.  For me, one of the most satisfying feelings on earth is discovering the most perfect d&b tune with a dark, steppy beat and a giant “ooofin'” bassline, as we like to call it here at In-Reach HQ.  

That being said, over the years we’ve seen some phenomenal artists play around with the normalities of the 170 format and create sounds that are as unique as they are exciting.  Artists such as Arkaik, Hyroglifics, MTWN, Fearful and Amoss have all demonstrated the limitless possibilities with Diffrent Music and head honcho Dexta at the helm.   After a very busy summer, Diffrent Music and Giraffe Step are back with an incredible release from Bristol based artist ‘Chills’ (plus many, many more in the pipeline). 

So where do you begin when you’re writing about something you don’t actually know anything about?  Well, start by telling the truth I guess!  As much as the boring old fart inside of me wants to stick to my drum and bass roots I have to be honest with you, this release is SO. DAMN. GOOD!!!  It’s basically everything you could want from music and so much more.  If you like elements of drum and bass – it’s got it, if you like elements of garage – it’s got it, if you like elements of grime – it’s got it!  I dare say I can even hear a slight hint of hard techno in there too, which for me is certainly no bad thing!  In short, this is one of the most interesting, exciting, vibezzzin, smile like a weirdo at your mate when this gets dropped in the rave-zzzin releases I’ve heard in a long time and one that i’ll certainly be drawing for a while to come.  Huge big ups to Chills and the crew at Giraffe Step for yet another game changer!

This release drops today (05.10.15) on all good download sites, including Diffrent Music’s Bandcamp page so don’t sleep on it, head over to order your copy now!  Peace 🙂 x 

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