Amoss 'Shadow Theories' EP DIS094

Ok, let’s just be honest with ourselves for a minute shall we, you and I both know that I barely even need to write this review for Amoss (or any track on Dispatch Recordings, come to think of it) because you’re probably already aware that they’ve absolutely smashed it out of the park.

With an ever growing back catalogue of incredibly successful releases, Amoss have more than earned their reputations as some of the most impressive and consistently strong artists we’ve had in our scene.  Since the days of their ‘Alignment EP’ on Touched By Records in 2010, Amoss have presented us with a sound way beyond their years, twisting the normalities of drum and bass just enough to create a sound that’s not only completely unique but also expertly engineered and instantly recognisable.  With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that Amoss have chosen to work so closely with Dispatch Recordings over the years, as it seems there’s probably no label more fitting for such an undeniable talent.

Amoss – Shadow Theories EP – Mega Super Teaser ClipWho wants to hear a sneak peek of our forthcoming ‘Shadow Theories’ EP for Dispatch Recordings?Note: No vinyl was harmed in the making of this video…

Posted by Amoss on Thursday, August 13, 2015

Speaking of which, the duo’s latest four track EP entitled ‘Shadow Theories’ is set to drop on Dispatch Recordings on October 16th and believe me when I say you do not want to miss it.  Featuring another cheeky collab with Fre4knc, this released ranges from the light and beautiful with tracks such as ‘Stalling Theme’ (featuring Viv May & C Tivey) to the dark, hard and technical sounds of Crooked arm.  For me, the track of the release has to be ‘Vortice’ (featuring Fre4knc) because . . . well, i never could resist a dark roller!

Once again, huge big ups to both Amoss and the team at Dispatch Recordings for yet another top drawer release!  Until next time, be sure to mark this date in your calendar (or pocket diary if you’re anything like me) because I know you will not want to miss it.  In the mean time, keep your eyes and ears pealed for the fire coming from Amoss, Arkaik and the team at Horizons 😉 x

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