Break – Simpler Times LP SYMMLP004

Look through any true drum and bass head’s collection and I can guarantee it’ll be stacked with both Break and Symmetry releases.  Thinking back to the early days of SYMM001, Break – The Truth/Evil Twin it seems almost criminal that A) A decade has gone by already and B) Even back then Break was one of the most sophisticated, revolutionary and forward thinking artists in the game.

Since then, Break has gone on to have an outrageous amount of game changing releases.  Symmetry aside, a few personal favourites of mine would have to be his collaborations with Fierce for Zenith Part I & 2 on Quarantine and the mighty Silent Witness on DNAudio . . . And Let It Happen . . . And Dog Soldiers . . . And Isis . . . And Enigma . . . Oh whatever, every release is sick, the man’s a genius, what more can I say!?

With this in mind I have to admit I was a little hesitant when checking out Break’s latest ‘Simpler Times LP’ purely for the fact that, unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for such revolutionaries to lose their way after a decade or so.  That being said, I should have realised how foolish I was being putting Break in that category because the Simpler Times EP is another absolute corker and one that every DJ worth their salt will be drawing for, for years to come.

Kicking things off with a rather ambient track with Kyo entitled ‘Nevaeh’, Break very much lulls us into a false sense of security before blowing our brains out with ONE OF THE BEST TUNES I’VE HEARD IN AGES entitled ‘Confidential’.  Pure and unadulterated drum and bass from the get go, this tracks takes me right back to Break in his heyday and his trademark techstep sound, I’ve got to be honest, it really doesn’t get much better than this for me.  Continuing on, Break presents us with a diverse collection of tracks ranging from a contemporary, half time inspired track with ‘Mad Hed City’ called ‘Kill Dem’ to vintage jungle breaks in ‘Late Exclusive’ to the quintessential Break sound that we all know and love with Regulate (featuring Xtrah), Pushing Me On and The Flux.

If you’re yet to bag your copy of Break’s – Simpler Times EP on Symmetry Recordings then stop being a donut and go and buy it now!  Available on both wax and MP3, no money is simply not an excuse!  Allow buying Waitrose sushi and a Starbucks for lunch, go and get yourself a Greg’s pasty and put the rest towards this LP.  DONE.  You’re welcome 😉

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