In-Reach // Top Of The Pops // October 2016

It’s been a while. Some top of the pops words were written and then we lost them down the back of the sofa. The world has moved on now so there’s no point talking about the old tunes. I’m starting afresh with a load of music I found since the start of september. Maybe I’ll throw in some stupid stuff as well. I’m making it up as I go along. 

First up I’ve got a Kabuki remix of Kiat which popped up on German label, Defrostatica. They’ve been quietly doing some top stuff for a while and it’s well worth having a look at their Soundcloud. If you like deep 170 kind of vibes.

Ingredients have done themselves proud once again with a new EP from Arcatype. Personal favourite for me is New Funk.

The Arcatype track actually reminds me of the next gent in the line up. Break has a new LP on the way celebrating 10 years of his label.  The sampler is the only bit on Soundcloud right now, but it’s a heavy album and it will probably make your eyes water.

Chimpo dropped some new music on Exit with some cameos from Fox and Trigga. You know that’s always going to be a killer combination. Ram Dance Man is an absolute stepper and Stanna Stair Lift is a piece of work.

Silent Dust dropped a new highly confusing single which i’ve popped in there just to challenge you.


A Sides has dropped some mighty rollers lately as well. One DJ is a highlight.

LSB has an album for Soul:R on the way and the single Missing You featuring Tyler Daly and DRS is without a doubt a smashing follow up to The View. Word has it that it caused a lot of damage at Sun and Bass. It’s a goose bump tune especially for friends of Salford John. The B side is belting as well.

My own label, Aluminium Shiny shin Side Shack Out Music dropped a bootleg from new signings, ReDraft and Hp. Ritch. That will warm you up nicely for the single they have on the way very soon.

Free Love Digi dropped a new release from Thomas B and Ghast which I have been dutifully spinning.  Check that one.

Finally i’ve got some hip hop for you on the Youtube. Three new videos for you out of Manchester.

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