Fourward – Expansion LP

With the days drawing to a dark close earlier and the gloomy mornings becoming ever colder we can all tell its getting near to winter again, we become somewhat more reclusive and nothing sounds better than getting home, getting the kettle on and snuggling for the evening like a couch potato. This isn’t the same for everyone though, no, no, no… The fine men and women that are our scenes renowned producers don’t take rests, they are reclusive for a lot of the year but not in the same fashion that us, the ever grateful listeners are, they are up at all hours experimenting through trial and error to create the stuff we all love, drum and bass!

One such reclusive lot is Austrian collective, ‘Fourward‘. Now if the name hasn’t given it away already, there are four of them. Fourward have been on the scene for a few years now signing exclusively to Frictions, Shogun Audio back in 2013. Since then, the guys have had a string of successful tunes such as ‘Countdown’ and ‘Foot Soldiers’ that marked their imprint on the listeners.

Since last year’s ‘Elektrik EP’ I was noticing they were somewhat quiet and was beginning to wonder what they were up to when all of a sudden I heard news of a debut LP!. When the Expansion LP landed in my inbox I was actually very surprised! Not because I didn’t think it would be sick, because I knew it would be, it was more the maturity of the tracks. I feel with the Expansion LP, Fourward really have grown into their music and have a very nice and noticeable sound now, from smooth ethereal rollers like ‘Over’ to neuro-driven bangers like ‘Dewey’ this LP really does demonstrate what the collective can do on a much larger scale than ever before!

The LP features collaborations from fellow Austrian tech-powerhouse, Mefjus, Shogun audio boss man, Friction with vocal efforts from UK grime rapper, Pep and the ever-faithful mic man, Jakes.

All in all this LP was the perfect ‘re-entry’ into the scene and will be in my playlists for months to come. Very much looking forward to what Fourward bring in the future, I think they have in a way re-established themselves and I’m really pleased for them!

The Expansion LP is out now and you can cop it from most good online outlets!