NickBee – The Gears EP (Eatbrain)

One of DnB’s most natural talents, NickBee unloads his latest EP onto Eatbrain; ‘The Gears’ EP is a voracious sonic feast of regal proportions. All tracks boast the originality you come to expect from the Ukranian with the sound design and frequency bending that paint the most vivid of soundscapes.

‘The Gears’ is a bruteish bass bully garnished with a classy stab riff before breaking down momentarily to build into another heavy drop. The bass is so full, when it drops out it’s almost like a vaccuum pulling at your eardrums! Impressive skillz!

‘Together with future’ is a pure monster track! It swings its sub axe through every layer of your soul. The breakdown has an eastern promise quality that adds a mysterious layer to cast your minds eye to another place.

‘Nowhere to run’ features none other than Joanna Syze so you know from the off that any vocal is going to add that much more…and it does, but the musical element is so good in the beginning anyway that the summing of its parts is almost indulgent!

The eastern vibes continue throughout and this has to be one of the best releases of the year. The track chops and maims at every turn! Big tune. ‘We fight’ is an intelligent dancefloor track, again featuring Syze who delivers some Bjork like vocals to elevate the offbeat vibe that is the heartbeat of this cut. A piece of Neurofunk in its purist form, absolutely brilliant.

‘The Gears’ EP is available to buy right now via this link