RBMA Radio – Samurai Music, Presha Interview

It would be arduous to find somebody enthusiastic about underground dance music yet unaware of the nights, events and all round relationship Red Bull Music Academy has with underground culture.

 An area of RMBA that’s been cropping up substantially off late has been RBMA Radio, through various show formats they’ve been pushing the sounds of prominent artists involved with various underground genres. Wholly inclusive of drum and bass, fireside chats with the likes of Photek, A Guy Called Gerald and a host of other prominent figures within drum and bass give a real insight to artist and release. In a recent Berlin takeover, RBMA Radio caught up with Samurai label boss Presha to chat about latest release ‘Scope LP’.

‘Scope LP’ is a five part vinyl project, it’s Samurai’s 10th Horo release and is also the first release available in digital/ CD format on the Horo subsidiary. ‘Scope LP’ is a journey of interchanging emotions, melodies are built on distant soundscapes, ambient spaces filled with lingering subs and eerie atmospherics, moments of intensity such as the tribal drums of Stray’s ‘Wired’, and the gritty synths of Clarity’s ‘Sombre’ contribute to an album that’s comprised of underlying melancholy. The album is without a doubt an innovative ensemble – I find there to be an interesting contrast in that it’s forward thinking, yet in it’s organic purity harbours a sense of primeval being.

In an interview with RBMA Radio Presha and special guest Ena go into details about the concept and creation of ‘Scope LP’, Presha gives us an insight to all things Samurai and a few forthcoming, naughty exclusives get dropped! Check out the show (here), it’s well worth a listen.

Scope LP 12″ collection is available to buy here, and in digital format here ! 🙂