Quarantine – Zero T – Lowball / Thick & Thin

2015 really has been a strong year for the Quarantine camp, with collabs between Fierce & Dom sandwiched in between music from Fierce & Zero T. I count that as 4 separate releases of rolling goodness not including this one we are about to review, you may be mistaken into thinking it’s Christmas come early.

That brings us to this latest release (QRN2005), the 1st solo outing on this label for Fierce’s studio partner Zero T. He’s been quite prolific this year; with releases on Dispatch, Metalheads, Fokuz, Citrus, Zero T just can’t help putting out quality and quantity. He is definitely on proverbial fire where his releases are concerned.

Side A is a track called Lowball. Starting off with an arpeggiated riff and filtered midrange stabs, it builds into Zero T’s trade marked rolling drums before the bass kicks in, making your face screw up like you have no control over it.  The bassline is a thing of beauty, so simple but yet so complex sounding at the same time. The intricate filter-work just flows with the drums and the odd switch up of the riff keeps your interest. There’s also a nice Bad Company-esq stab to signify the end of a phrase.

The B side is called Thick and Thin which is slightly mellower, but not by much. Leading with the strings (think Love and Happiness by Marcus Intallex and ST files) coupled with crunchy, chunky snares and a “punch in your gut” kick drum reminiscent of his recent track with Fierce on his Golden Selection album “cross it”, the bass line creeps in. When the track drops the strings continue to play and it some how hypnotises you into relaxing whilst having the bass slap your face.

There we have it, a big release from Quarantine to end  their year. If you already like the output on Quarantine then this will be an essential purchase on vinyl or digital, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.
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