Need For Mirrors // Vantage EP (Fokuz Recordings)

Soul in Motion resident ‘Need for Mirrors’ boasts releases on some of the most prestigious labels in the industry, as well as pioneering his own label ‘Zoltar’ since its birth in 2011. Fokuz Recordings, a label making waves in it’s own right, are dropping the ‘Vantage’ E.P on the 27th.

February; a cinematic surplus of soul and sound not to be left out of one’s set list. A blend of jarring, melancholy melodies and soundscapes, ‘Clarity’ kicks of this eagerly awaited 4 track E.P. Intertwined with distorted guitar riffs, crisp drums and warm sub bass, its has a somewhat sinister undertone with an uplifting edge provided by the chiming tone of the electric guitar. The occasional vocal chops and sci-fi esque fx pads finish this roller perfectly.

The title track ‘Vantage’ shows a darker more mechanical side to this E.P. Otherworldly fx, and abstract pads create a ‘rise of the machines’ feel for this steppy number. Packed with rave inspired wobbles and basslines, and littered with subtle flourishes, ‘Vantage’ is a demonstration of the diversity of production on this E.P.

‘Gatefold’ in my opinion the most imaginative offering, and really showcases the skillset NFM works with. Seamlessly blending live, orchestral sounding instruments with warm rolling sub bass and effects; it’s the perfect hybrid of live and electronic. Warm, plucky double bass and wailing guitar riffs dance around gentle piano melodies, accented with sporadic cymbal crashes; truly beautiful.

Finishing off this stunningly executed release, ‘Wet Pine’ blends, jazzy chord progressions with melancholy undertones and pulsing synths. Rolling sub bass, offset fx and thundering kicks give the track a huge presence; contrasting with the sweet tone of the piano. The lightest track on the E.P but by no means to be underestimated, it’s a fitting end to this cinematic journey.