In:Most – Pictures In My Mind EP

The electronic duo of In:Most (Josh Croft and Bailey Greer) are on the rise. Having just been featured on Hospital’s monumental birthday album We Are 21 as a collaboration with Logistics, and with an EP on Soulvent Records expected in March, it looks like there’s no telling where 2017 will take the multi-national pair.

Today (20th Feb), however, In:Most have released EP on Goldfat Records, a diverse label started in 2015. Their first EP since their debut last year with Cloudfish, In:Most are reintroducing the world to their signature liquid sound. The Pictures In My Mind EP features four tracks and opens with ‘Took Me By’. Drenched in trance-inducing drums and an Alix Perez inspired sound, this track quickly establishes the duo’s production ability.

‘Pictures In My Mind (featuring Mr Porter)’ incorporates a trippy, swarming rhythm while ‘With You’ combines a laid back bassline with relentlessly shuffling hats; a contrast that pays off. The EP concludes with ‘In Hindsight’, which confirms the pair’s prowess as DnB producers. The harmonious synths fuse with powerful drums to create a track that is both tranquil and energetic.

Pictures In My Mind sets the bar for not only In:Most themselves, but 2017’s liquid scene as a whole. In:Most’s unique approach to DnB is quickly establishing them as a force to be reckoned with. Follow the pair on their journey, and listen to the full EP on Goldfat Record’s soundcloud here: