My Top 5: A SINE OF RELIEF (Sine Audio)

Sine Audio is back in a big way. After the successes of SINA001 with Invadhertz, SINA002 and SINA003 with Xolyx and AFR respectively, Sine Audio has turned its hand to something big.

In case you’ve been living under a rock since the beginning of the year, the world is having a rough time.
Yes, I am making reference to the dreaded Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, which has caused sadly many, many deaths. In the UK, the NHS is under enormous strain to care for those in need of its help due to this pandemic.

Responding to the devastating effect the Covid-19 virus has had on the UK society as a whole, Sine Audio has compiled a breathtaking 23 track LP from various artists across the drum and bass scene in order to help raise money for NHS charities and Mind. In its own words:
“A Sine Of Relief is a compilation that comprises of a broad selection of Drum & Bass from both new and established artists. We want to show how music can act as a sign of relief in otherwise rocky times, whilst also raising money for those who need it.”

So what better way to showcase what Sine Audio have provided to the Drum & Bass scene and subsequently the NHS than to give you a run down of my top 5 tracks from this glorious LP?!

5. Polarized – Smoke

Head honcho Apey is not wrong when he talks about a “broad selection” of Drum & Bass in this compilation!
We kick this short and sweet list of with an absolute belter from the Brummie duo Polarized.
Starting with a tamed synth under a dub vocal, this track lays the foundations for a dark and deep track. For Polarized, Half Time rules all as a thick oscillating sub weaves between thumping half time kicks with smatterings of crisp hats. True, there’s not a lot going on. But with a stunning groove like this, who cares?

4. Invadhertz – Lonely 

Ahhh dreamy pads. You’ve gotta love them! Nestled between fragrant floaty synths and lilting drum breaks, a warm Reese as smooth as a Sunday Roast gravy provides movement yet grounds this track while a subtle detuned vocal provides delicate highlights. This is what liquid is all about; musicality complimenting a chilled groove. My favourite Invadhertz track to date.

3. Mark Dinimal – Changes 

Mark really doesn’t mess around. What a roller! There’s no hiding from the punch Changes provides.
Teasing bass stabs underlie the intro leaving the main synth hook free to do its thing while the drop more groove than thought possible! An exploration in synthesis, this track is the perfect melting pot of polyphony.

2. Kusp – Calling

Have you ever wondered what the sonic equivalent of a pillow is? Well let me tell you in two words; this track.
Providing the perfect balance of space and elegance in the elements of this track, Calling soothes the soul with its breathtaking gracefulness. This is not to say it doesn’t pack a punch; the pulsing soft plucked bass is complimented with a firm kick and scatterings of hats combined with fresh clipped snares. Beautiful.

1. Waeys & Creatures – Nucleus

Undoubtably one for the minimal heads out there, you’d be a fool to pass this one by. Soft horn blasts crescendo and fall over binaural waving synths before dying before a drop that shakes the very ground. Patterings of hats underpin this groove, commanded by a yummy punch of a kick. Interrupted by distorted harmonic stabs, this overwhelmingly stinky wobble bass line is a power to behold. Bass faces at the ready people.



A SINE OF RELIEF is out on Bandcamp now!
I urge you to support this LP before it reaches Beatport and all your favourite music platforms on 24th April… this way your donation will go straight to the charities NHS Charities and Mind. 
Support Sine Audio and the album here;