Metalheadz Vs Dispatch hosted by Sub:Kulture

28th April. If you have plans already, cancel them. 

Over in Reading, the Sub:Kulture crew have been making a real name for themselves putting on nights with some of the biggest names in the drum & bass scene. Over the years they have booked headliners such as Lenzman, Enei, S.P.Y, dBridge & Xtrah to name but a mere few. Now they are putting a massive stake in the ground and hosting a world exclusive link up with two historic labels; Metalheadz vs Dispatch.

Hard hitting drums will be on the cards from the off with the Sub:Kulture residents getting proceedings suitably warm before these VS battles kick off and take us into the early hours of Saturday morning. We here at In Reach will be fully representing at this one. Make sure you get down to Sub89 for what is sure to be a night to remember.

Check the event page here and make sure you go grab a ticket now as they are Tier 3 already!