Melysma – Worlds Apart EP (ENG003)

Stepping into 2017, we have already heard some stone cold riddims set to come out over the coming weeks and months. One labels release that caught our attention is London based, Engage Audio with Melysma’s Worlds Apart EP. Run by Four Points, a production collective, Engage brought us their Initiation EP in the latter stages of last year which is still getting heavy rotation from us here at In Reach. Keeping their sound on a more refined and intelligent edge, Melysma’s latest 3 track offering is certainly that.

Having crafted a liquid tip to his style over the years, Melysma does venture into the more darker side of the spectrum. He has released on DNBBrasil, Ten Tonnes Deeper and on the before mentioned, debut EP from Engage Audio, bringing us an array of rolling and liquid drum & bass. Now on this solo release, he has gone in on a dynamic, dancefloor focused vibe. Throw your nan out the window sorta material.

Worlds Apart

Absolute crisp production on this, Melysma draws on his soulful roots for the intro creating an addictive lead melody. As it breaks down, you aren’t sure what direction it’s going. then, BAM. Shoes straight out the window. This techy roller is what I love about drum & bass, the design and arrangement on this track is second to none. Break would be proud!

Project Nebula

Tribal sounding drums bring us into this one, laying the foundations for the rest of the track. As the drums and vocal filter out into the drop, we are again treated to an intelligent and stylish roller full of deep bass and the tightest drums that really showcases Melysma’s sound. The groove on this just goes on and on, outstanding work!


Rounding off the release, Melysma brings the heat yet again. Tear out drum & bass at its finest, all the elements combine together so effectively. This track reminds me of being at a Hardware night, love the vibe!  I can’t wait to see the carnage this creates on a dancefloor.

If you couldn’t tell already, we are absolutely loving this whole release! My pick of the bunch is Worlds Apart, however all three compliment each other to produce an amazing EP. These are tracks, I feel, that will stand the test of time. Solid work.

Melysma, remember the name!

You can purchase the full release on the 20th January.