Kid Drama X DLR X Ulterior Motive X Hydro (CNVX009)

Four of the industries key players have joined forces to present the latest release on Kid Drama’s imprint CNVX.

Comprised of two equally tech-driven productions, the A-side – ‘Dredger’ – is a nostalgic nod to the late 90’s funky tech-step sound, while maintaining a progressive, forward thinking feel. On the flip, is ‘Unforgiving’ – an industrial, fast-paced stepper sure to be sitting pretty atop many a set list for the foreseeable.

Encompassing the sound of a decade that continues to infiltrate and shape sound system culture to this day and renowned in their own right for their individual musical prowess; this release is a prime example that sometimes four heads are better than one.

Out now on Kid Drama’s imprint CNVX, you can grab your copy here.