Kid Drama – ‘Trife EP’ (META053)

Damon Kirkham aka Kid Drama makes his debut on Metalheadz with a wicked 5 track EP; a 4-track vinyl release and a 5th digital bonus track. Packed with Headz sounds, you’ve probably heard people making noise about this release for a while now and with very good reason: this is the kind of music that leaves you feeling high after listening to it.

My favourite track from the release which certainly lives up to its name is ‘Brutal D’. I’d sum up this track as “futuristic breakbeat”, pulling on old-school sounds and refined to perfection for the modern-day amen-lover. You couldn’t really ask for more when it comes to industrial drums; more often than not I think it’s easy for industrial sounds to come across as flat, without any sort of groove, but not here. Damon has demonstrated his ability to blend ferocious drums with a bassline that is made for the dance floor. The claps will have you urging to get up and move and the guitar synths in the breakdown bring out the melodic side, tying the whole tune in to one dance floor killer.

‘Whole Train’ is another head-nodder; relentless in its quest to propel atmospheric sounds at you but still very easy on the ears. I love the formation of the breaks and with the tune switching up after each one it’s clear how this track manages to be entrancing throughout.

The third track ‘Articulation’ is just as atmospheric but provides the EP with a good dose of funk. Every time I listen to this one I automatically imagine myself bobbing about in front of a festival rig – a very much desired situation! If I can’t physically be at a DnB event, at least Damon’s music can mentally take me there.

The title track ‘Trife’ is a grungy little stepper carried by a rather hypnotising bassline. The tight production of ‘Trife’ is easily heard, with every sound requiring its place and helping the tune to subtly evolve as it progresses. Bonus track ‘Payback’ is really just the icing on the cake for this EP with deep jungle drums and a sweet melody joining to form another cleverly crafted tune.

Yet another brilliant release by one of my favourite labels, Metalheadz once again prove their competence in selecting high-quality drums that have earned their place on the dance floor. And I think we can all raise a glass to Kid Drama for supplying us with what is one of this year’s most banging releases.