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So I’m here to talk about Ivy Lab’s new EP on Critical called ‘Twenty Questions’. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix have been back in the Lab and its a good one! They have also brought in Sam Binga and El Train to switch things up on this excellent EP.

First we have ‘Twenty Questions’. This is the Ivy Lab we all know and love! Straight from the off we have a lovely snappy punchy break with a teasing warm melody and airy strings riding over the top to get you in the mood. Then the track breaks down into a gorgeous symphony of warm pads, and well executed stronger strings and stabs. Then you’re introduced to the  male vocal that gives this track a lovely summery, funky jazz feel. The pads on this tune are what really set it off, you can really tell the boys have been hard at work on this one, this has so much passion coming through. Pure vibes!

Next ‘Gomesia’. This is a deeper affair with computer blips pinging and twisting from the offset and sinister chords and scary stabs creeping their way in, which become more and more arousing. Then we’re off with the break which is fast and tight. The strings become more inviting and uplifting almost breaking out from the darkness. Then its the turn of the lovely modulated bass to be thrown into the mix that gives it a more kind of funky feel, that makes the track roll nicely, with the excellent break that pulls this whole track together and the little effects over the top that cement it. Another quality track from Ivy Lab.


Onto ‘Forex’. This starts some proper eerie chords that could be mistaken for demons trying to escape from your speakers! These set the atmosphere perfectly, with crashing cymbals and a growling bass that becomes more in focus as the intro develops, that with more dark strings coming straight at you and a vocal stating that “your gonna get snuffed out” make this track feel like its taking you down into the deep depths of hell.

Once the drop comes in the bass line becomes an animal that can’t be contained, flying all over the place almost like its trying to claw your face off, with hard punchy beat and them sinister demons coming back into the mix again this is another banging track.

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About ‘Slinky’. This is a half beat track which starts again in sinister fashion, I’m beginning to see a pattern here. From the intro of a women scared out of her mind crying in the dark, asking “who’s there”? You are then almost smashed in the face with a brutal bass line that is bordering on marching to war, and it taking it with you whether you like it or not. This with the almost fragmented stabs layered to complement the ever thudding kick drum take this snarling monster of a track into new heights. I love the way the break down is done, its almost like you’ve woke up from the nightmare in a lift and just as you think thank god for that your in again, wicked!

Lastly ‘Two By Two’. Which is another half beat track even verging on a hip hop. This starts off with  nice strings and little kid singing along with the melody which then switches up into a hard bass rumbling beat with an almost indian beat to it that gets your foot tapping along to it instantly. It then goes even deeper with the bass being modulated and turning into a much harder bass which floats up and back down in a devastating manner almost tripping over itself.

This is another quality track which all in all goes to show how gifted Ivy Lab are in there diversity of making a banger no matter what style it is! If you download the ‘Twenty Questions’ EP you will also get the digital only tracks which include

Props to Critical, with these added digital tracks you really are getting a bargain here trust me!

Buy on Vinyl & Digital: bit.ly/CRIT080
Buy on Beatport: bit.ly/CRIT080_Beatport
Stream on Spotify: bit.ly/CRIT080_Spotify

Ltd Ivy Edition vinyl **SOLD OUT**

Release date: 23rd Feb 2015 [Critical / Beatport / Spotify] Shop Wide Release: 9th March 2015

1) Twenty Questions
2) Gomeisa
3) Forex
4) Slinky
5) Two By Two
7) Planebeats (Digital)
6) Taste The Mango (Digital)
8) Live On Your Smile [El Train Rmx] (Digital)
9) Slinky [Sam Binga Rmx] (Digital)

Ivy Lab online:

Critical online:



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