Introducing PAWS

We caught up with a brand new label, ‘PAWS’ brought to you by a young trio of producers hailing from London, launching their brand new label on 21 April. To celebrate their first single we’ve teamed up for a  competition give-away to win a ‘PAWS 001 Test Press’.  All you’ve got to do is share & like the post via our Facebook page. Anyway, here’s what the PAWS crew had to say when we caught up with them…

Welcome guys… So can you shed some light on who’s involved in Paws and tell us a little about yourselves?

Ez Nick, big ups for having us. Paws is a new label from Dissect, Sicknote & J Bionic. We have all been into the music for many years & DJ’d on Rude FM at varying points in that time (big up the Rude FM crew). Dissect and J have known each other since mid-2000’s and have been writing tunes together since 2006. We both met Sicknote out raving in the last couple of years and through our mutual friend, Horrific James.

I’m intrigued as to the name behind the label. Tell us more?

It’s a play on the word Pause with the addition that Dissect has a dog that thinks he’s the 4th producer whenever we’re writing beats – he’s always in the middle of the action at Dissect’s studio (big up Spanner every time)!

What have you guys got planned so far for releases and what have you got in store for 2017?

First up is PAWS001 which will be out on the 21st April. We then have another two 12” releases (002 and 003) all ready to go so keep an eye out for those in the coming months. The tracks come thick and fast when we’re in the studio, we’ve definitely got enough on the hard drive to do another 3 x 12” after PAWS003 drops, so we’ll probably start looking ahead to releasing more this year!

It’s great to see you guys are pressing vinyl with your PAWS label. It must be difficult in 2017 what with the sudden surge in popularity in ‘vinyl’.  What challenges have you faced? Could you give any advice to any other labels out there trying to do what you guys are doing?

We would all say that if you have the drive to do it then just go and do it! As with any risk you’ll take in life there can be problems and barriers but the whole process has been worthwhile. We’re all vinyl collectors so having your own beats on wax is very rewarding.

How do you guys work in the studio? Does one work more on a particular aspect like mix downs or drum programming for example? (more importantly who makes the better studio tea?)

Most of the vibes and main ideas happen at Dissect’s studio. We have spent many late nights there getting ideas down, joking around and pretty much building the tracks in their entirety. Most of the mixdowns are completed at Sicknote’s studio where we can run our tracks through some outboard gear and get them sounding nice and phat. But the whole process from start to finish is a joint effort, we’re all there for the vibes of writing, mix downs and mastering sessions. Got to say that J and Dissect’s tea making skills are on point but don’t let Sicknote make you a tea as he’s never been near a kettle!

Run us through your studio set up?

Dissect: currently running Cubase 5.1 on PC with a pair of Adam A7X’s, Edirol PCR-M30 keyboard, Technics 1210’s and a Numark DM2000x mixer.

Sicknote: currently running Logic Pro 9 on Mac which goes through a MOTU interface to a Mackie 24/08 which is where all the outboard gear is connected.

Kit list:

Mackie 24/08

Lexicon LXP15-II

Yamaha R1000 EMU – E5000 Drawmer DL231 Alesis Quad Verb (donated by J)

Panasonic SV4100

KRK Rokit 8’s

If you could pick any artist to work with who would it be and why?

J Bionic – Total Science – 1993 to now they have smashed out so many good tunes.

Dissect – Jonny L – His production is levels and has been since 1994 but Total Science is the very closest of close seconds.

Sicknote – Dillinja – Don’t think anyone has mastered basslines like Dillinja. I’d love to bring back some of those mental distorted 808 basslines and massive rugged beats!

Top 3 tunes in the bag at the moment?

Dissect – Manix – Hardcore Junglism (Total Science remix) because it hasn’t left my bag in a good 10 years.

Jay Bionic – Shookz & That Jimmy Person – Say Nothing (Dapz Jungle remix)

Sicknote – Ricky Force – The Cause (Skeleton Recordings)

 Any artist we need to watch out for?

We would say keep an eye out for all the small, independent labels that are really pushing things at the moment by pressing vinyl and supporting the original Drum and Bass / Jungle sound.

Any final words/ shout outs?

Big up Horrific James and Horrific Recordings, Will and Tom G.H.O.S.T Crew, Matt and all the crew at Unearthed sounds, Bassbox Ben J, Rico, Soul Beat Runner, Ben Gipson, Soul Intent, Brian Monita, The Rude FM family, Stu at Metropolis, Digital, Flava and all you boys and girls at In-Reach!!