Fluidity – Deeper Vibe EP (Metalheadz)

A fresh face to the Drum and Bass scene, Fluidity has been working his magic through being featured on Rinse FM, Radio 1 and the Critical music podcast. 
His wizardry has finally manifested into a gorgeous debut EP on the DnB giant Metalheadz METHXX series. This proves that Fluidity indeed has something special.

To kick off the “Deeper Vibe EP”, is an intertwine of atmospheric pads, bright twinkling piano and the occasional deep, guttural growl. “Dream To Become” certainly paves the way to an auditory experience we are all to be in awe of. A minimal-inspired old school break fuses with the rasping thick bass to provide the meanest of bass-faces. This track truly reflects the dance floor capability and unique sound this EP is aiming and truly hits its mark.

Next up is “Future Memories”: a true roller that swells and contracts in a real elegant yet turbulent state. To start, the filtered break provides mystery under dreamy pads before smooth rolling drums provide this track with a relaxed lounge feel. To suit, the drop delivers a warm sub as smooth as a baby’s bum. As if this wasn’t enough to set you at ease, a mellow arpeggiator, piano flutters and echoing vocal ad-libs truly hit the spot for sophisticated liquid goodness.

If you want a sound to define Fluidity, look no further than the EP’s title track, “Deeper Vibe”. If you haven’t guessed, this producer makes atmospheres so good they rival those of Dawn Wall and LSB. “Deeper Vibe” is therefore the definition of his sound: pads-a-plenty dispersed with melancholic piano chords on top of soft-edged hard hitting kicks and a clicking snare.

Finally, “Move On” highlights classical instrumentation through the use of strings and a tender, reverberating piano. Sweeping through this track underneath filtered chords and sweet string lines, breathes a mellow harmonic growl that allows a reminder that this composition still hits hard in all the right places.
This track is indeed the opposite of a solid generic banger: the interaction and adaptability of elements to create truly intelligent liquid is the name of the game for “Move On”.

This EP covers the whole spectrum of intelligent Drum & Bass: from calm piano weighted rollers to atmospheric bangers that hold a sting in their tail, Fluidity has certainly made his mark not just on one of the biggest labels in the scene but on Drum & Bass as a whole.

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